Top Reasons to treat yourself to a custom pair of Flipinistas®.

• Flipinista® is its OWN brand..using its own brand of flip flops. 
• Each pair is  individually designed and expertly crafted by hand, with extreme attention given to detail...Love is in the details

  Please allow up to 10 days for your Flipinista order to be complete 
• Flipinista® DOES NOT GLUE ON DESIGNS yet HAND SEWS using a special   technique and material so wearer DOES NOT FEEL EMBELLISHMENTS! 
• Flipinista® flip flops are made of 100% rubber, they are both comfortable and durable
• Flipinista® uses the finest quality crystals and embellishments.
• Flipinista® are sexy, glamorous, beautiful and comfortable..
• I design Flipinista® the way a clothing designer designs their line.
  Inspired by all of  lifes beauty, latest trends and nature. 
• YOU have the choice of your design to be on a flat or kitten heel!
• Custom Bridal Flipinistas®  are available!! 
• Flipinista® is a Registered Trademark Brand! 

 Flipinista®, where style meets comfort and glamour knows no bounds!
          Find your perfect Flipinista® to make your BFF (best flip flop)

Made with love, wear with love......